• 1. What is ticketstogames.com?

Answer: Ticketstogames.com is a website whose purpose is to provide the best tickets to sporting events at the lowest prices, typically lower than any other ticket reselling website. Many fans are passionate about their teams and want to be there in-person to cheer their team to victory. We are just as passionate about providing an amazing game experience with unparalleled, inexpensive ticket prices. Here at www.ticketstogames.com, we are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing  legitimate tickets that are guaranteed to work to create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

  • 2. When will I receive my tickets?

Answer: All tickets will be provided to you well in advance of gametime. The tickets will be e-mailed to you electronically at the e-mail address that you provide once they are available. Some tickets are immediately available and others will be provided no later than 24-48 hours prior to start of game. Either way, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the game.

  • 3. Can I obtain hard tickets instead of electronic tickets?

Answer: If you desire hard tickets, please e-mail us and special arrangements will be made. You may be charged $15 for delivery charges. Sometimes, signatures can be required at time of delivery.

  • 4. Where does Ticketstogames.com obtain its tickets?

Answer: Ticketstogames.com obtains tickets from pre-screened individual sellers who want to sell their own season tickets for various teams. This allows buyers to purchase tickets to games that otherwise may be sold-out.

  • 5. Can I get different quantity than what is offered on website?

Answer: In some instances, sellers want to sell all of their tickets together to minimize number of transactions. However, some sellers are willing to split tickets. If you desire a different quantity than what is displayed, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

  • 6. Are tickets guaranteed to work?

Answer: The tickets are 100% authentic and guaranteed to work. Your ticket transaction will be secure and tickets will be valid and authentic. You will receive 110% of cost of tickets if any issues arise.

  • 7. How do I pay for the tickets?

Answer: Currently, you can pay two ways at Ticketstogames.com. You can pay via PayPal® account or pay directly using a credit card (not required to have PayPal® account). At this time, we do not accept phone orders with credit cards. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • 8. I want to purchase tickets. What is your process?

Answer: Purchasing tickets at Ticketstogames.com is an easy and seamless process.  Once an order is placed, you will generally get a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours (usually same day).  Your tickets will be electronically mailed to you to your e-mail address immediately once they are available. If you prefer hard tickets, please contact us (small fee may apply for delivery of hard tickets). Some tickets are immediately available while others will be provided no later than 24-48 hours prior to start of game. Either way, you will have plenty of time to receive your tickets and enjoy the game. Guaranteed!!

  • 9. Is my information secure?

Answer: All information entered at Ticketstogames.com is fully secure. The information is never shared or sold to anyone. All transactions are processed via PayPal® for peace-of-mind.

  • 10. Are the tickets still valid if the game time changes?

Answer: Yes, the tickets are still valid if the team decides to change the game time. Some times are adjusted based on television schedule and coverage. Your tickets will still work even if the time printed on the ticket is different than the new start time.

  • 11. What happens if I purchased to a game that later on was cancelled or did not occur?

Answer: If you buy tickets to future games (ex. playoff games) and that game is cancelled, you will be given 100% full refund to that game.



  • 1. Who sets the ticket prices?

Answer: The ticket prices are set by the sellers. The selling price can be higher than the actual “face value” printed on the tickets based on demand/supply and market value.

  • 2. What are the “Fees” and how are they calculated?

Answer: The fees is the service charge for Ticketstogames.com for being the intermediary between the seller and the buyer. This fee covers all the costs associated with the website to provide our customers the best possible buying experience.

  • 3. I bought tickets and no longer want them. Can I return them or exchange them?

Answer: Prices for tickets are not static and can change regularly. Once your order is confirmed, the transaction is final. There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. All sales are final.

  • 4. Can I sell my tickets on Ticketstogames.com?

Answer: Right now, as Ticketstogames.com is in its infancy, it is limiting availability of listing to very select committed sellers. As this changes, other pre-selected/screened sellers will be allowed to list their tickets on our website and sell other potential buyers. Please be on lookout for this feature soon.

  • 5. Why is my name not on the tickets? Are they going to allow me to get in?

Answer: Generally, when electronic tickets are issued, the original sellers name is on the tickets. You will be allowed entry into the stadium as long as the ticket is valid. The name on the ticket does not matter. The ticket’s unique barcode will be scanned and you will gain entry into the stadium.

  • 6. I lost my tickets. Can you e-mail them to me again?

Answer: In some cases, the tickets can reissued with new barcodes. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure the original tickets are kept in a secure place. Please do not share the tickets with anyone else as that person can get inside the stadium before you. Ticketstogames.com provides only original tickets provided by its sellers and is not responsible if someone else enters the game first using the tickets that you purchased.

  • 7. I went to the game but I was turned away at the gate. What happened?

Answer: If you shared your e-mail containing the tickets with someone else, they may be able to print your tickets and go the game instead of you. Generally, we can track if the seats were used by confirmation from the stadium. If the tickets that we provided with unique barcode were used, then we cannot help further. We make all attempts to make sure all tickets are fully valid and authentic. Please make sure to protect your e-mail address so no one else has access to your tickets.