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Did you know that in 1933 when the team joined the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers were originally called the Pittsburgh Pirates? They changed their name in 1940 when a local newspaper held a contest where a fan could rename the team. Since then, the fans have remained fiercely loyal and have witnessed the Steelers win multiple Super Bowl victories over the years. Some of those victories in the past included over historical rivalries like the Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, and the Oakland Raiders; but even against modern rivalries like with the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Baltimore Ravens.

The Steelers has had their fair share of ups and downs, but one thing remains the same, fans of the Steelers have watched the team grow into being one of the most decorated teams in the NFL.

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With the 2016 football season quickly approaching, now is the ideal time to purchase cheap Pittsburgh Steelers tickets for yourself or for any Steelers fans you may know. This year, it appears that the team has a schedule that can easily be managed—it ranks as only the 23rd hardest schedule in the NFL, according to the winning percentages from their opponents from 2015. The Steelers have ample opportunity to show off their skills and prowess on the field in front of a fan-packed stadium, as well on national television, as a quarter of the games will be on primetime slots. This also includes the opening game in Week 1 (September 12th) on Monday night where they face the Washington Redskins at the Fed-Ex Field in Landover, Maryland. However, Steelers fans might just be more excited to catch the Week 7 game where the Steelers are set to play against the New England Patriots on October 23rd at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. That game will be featuring two of the strongest offenses in the whole league so that you can be certain people will be on the edge of their seats and placing top bets!

Watch The Draft Picks Make it To the Super Bowl With Pittsburgh Steelers Season Tickets

Although the 2016 Steeler’s draft picks weren’t particularly appealing to fans, the players were chosen because they fit the needs of the team. With the addition of Artie Burns, Sean Davis, Javon Hargrave, Jerald Hawkins, Travis Feeny, Demarcus Ayers, and Tyler Matakevich, the team hopes they will be making their way to the Super Bowl. It’s been said that the team now has at least two, if not three, of the strongest offenses in the league right now. Plus on top of that, the Steelers now has a very strong defense against runners as well; however, the team needs to be able to stop passes, which is something that they have had a hard time with for a few years now. This is one reason why they picked up a cornerback, Artie Burns, as their first-round pick and Sean Davis as their second-round pick. It will quite be interesting to watch how these two will fare throughout the season. It’s been said that with the addition of these two, they’ll add depth and give instant upgrades to the secondary.

Of course, fans who purchased Pittsburgh Steelers game tickets last year will probably notice a difference in how the team plays with the new additions. We can only hope that the people who shell out the big bucks for Pittsburgh Steelers season tickets won’t be disappointed.

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