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The year was 1960 when the Dallas Cowboys became part of the NFL. The team was listed an expansion team and were members of the NFC East. The Cowboys are considered to be local idols—a true inspiration for fans all over the country, especially those in Dallas. The 70s was especially kind to the Cowboys. That decade was when the Cowboys won two Super Bowl titles, Super Bowl VI and then again with Super Bowl XII. By the 80s, the team won two Division Championships with starting quarterback, Danny White, leading the way. Later that decade and into the early 90s, Coach Jimmy Johnson led the team to the elite status that it is known for today. Some notable players, like Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith helped revitalize the team and earn their first shot at the Super Bowl in 14 seasons. Through the years, the Dallas Cowboys has been able to be an inspiration to fans all over the country.

Owners of Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets In For a Treat—Hopefully

Last year was a shaky season for the Dallas Cowboys, thanks, toTony Romo enduring two separate collarbone injuries and the team’s top receiver, Dez Bryant, being out of commission most of the season due to an injury he sustained when they opened against the New York Giants. Be that as it may, the team still has some very talented players on their roster. Some believe the current team line-up has more going for it than the squad from 2014, who won 12 games in that season. Mind you, this was when Romo and Bryant weren’t injured, and the team had chosen higher draft picks than other teams. It is believed that with the level of talent on the team this year, they could do some serious damage to the NFC East. It appears that the team has been graced with a manageable schedule, as it’s been ranked as being the 27th toughest in the league. Naturally, this includes some interesting pairings, like the away game on Week 6 (October 16) where they face the Green Bay Packers at the Lambeau Field in Wisconsin. On top of that, the team may face another interesting challenge on Week 13 (December 1) where they face off against the Minnesota Vikings at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. With that said, fans have their fingers crossed that despite it all, the Dallas Cowboys will make a huge comeback.

Top Draft Picks Will Make Cheap Dallas Cowboy Tickets Worth Every Cent

If you’re on a tight budget but you have to see a few Dallas Cowboy games this season, you’ll want to keep an eye out for cheap Dallas Cowboy tickets because you better believe that they will go fast. With the talent that the Cowboys chose in this year’s draft, it could certainly prove to be a huge turnaround for the Cowboys, despite the mixed reviews. The team chose Ezekiel Elliott, a stud running back from Ohio State, as their first pick. The team hopes that he’ll prove his value as he runs behind the offensive line which has been dormant for some time, but that remains to be seen because the league is in a very pass-driven era at the moment. It’s safe to say that the Cowboys is trying to have a strong running game as they’ve previously had with DeMarco Murray from 2014. For their second pick, they chose Jaylon Smith, an outside linebacker from Notre Dame. This could prove to be a risky choice though because Smith has a potential of being a high-risk player, thanks to an injured knee he sustained during his final game where he played the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State.

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